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Why Independent Women Can’t Keep a Man

February 26, 2010 by Elaine AmDee   Filed under Commitment Issues


 If you have been following the latest trends, reading all kinds of women’s magazines and listening to you girlfriends giving you advice on how to have a relationship with your man, you know that men like independent women.

But ironically, a woman’s independence is one of the major contributors into relationship break ups.

How could that be?

See, the reason we unwittingly drive a man away is by being independent, not showing emotions in a healthy way and being aloof, as if not needing a man.

But what makes a man attracted to a woman is how she makes him feel.

And a man most of the time won’t tell you this, but he will keep track of the things you say and do.

He wants to know that the woman he is with makes him feel important.

And if he can’t feel important around her, why be with her?

Men are driven by accomplishments and success. If you are with a man, he wants to know you need him because this will show him that he is important.

So, how can you be independent and still show him that you need him without being overbearing or needy?

It’s the little things that count.

Men want to be able to add value to your life. If you can talk to him about something you don’t really understand, for instance, how to fix some minor things in your car, how to fix your stereo system, where to take your can for a break job, a good place to shop for hardware, why your computer is acting up, and many other things that you may very well know but he doesn’t necessarily know that you don’t need his help with them, he will be glad to show you and to help you.

Always appreciate when he does something for you, even if you know that you could do it better.

Don’t tell him, oh thanks but no thanks, I can do it myself…. if he wants to help you, let him.

This is how you can maintain your independence and still show him that he is needed and important.

On the flip side, do not EXPECT things from him, and don’t take him for granted. If you put it out there that you need some help moving furniture and he doesn’t offer his help, don’t expect it from him and don’t ask. If he already knows that this is something you are doing, and yet fails to offer his manly hand, perhaps you should re-consider if he really is the guy for you.

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